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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is mediAmaze?

    We designed a practical approach to collecting, organizing and viewing valuable photos. Users can view existing random photo shows, bookmark or rate the photos by keyboard clicks.

    Can I go back to a previous photo?

    You can press LEFT arrow and RIGHT arrow on your keyboard to navigate back the history list of photos. You can navigate back up to 30 photos.

    How do I bookmark a photo?

    Press + to add the current photo to your bookmark list. You must however be logged-in. The system will prompt you to login or sign up.

    How do I remove bookmarked photos?

    Login, go to your dashboard, click your bookmarked list and you will get the full list of photos you previously bookmarked. You will see a 'remove' button when you hover a photo.

    How do I rate the current photo?

    While logged-in, you can press 0 to 9 to rate the current photo.

    What are the commands?

    You can press H in a show to get the commands list and here is the list of commands.

    • SPACE BAR to pause/play the show
    • M play music
    • S stop music

    How to hide the mouse cursor?

    Move your pointer to the center region of the screen and it will disappear. Move out, it will show again.

    How to play shows on a TV?

    We have an Android app that you could install on an android TV box. It is very easy to use.
    Go to Google's play sotre and search for mediAmaze app.

  • What are your photo sources?

    We own a large collection of old and vintage postcards that we have posted. We partnered with freelance photographers and give them credit for their photos. We also get content from public resources including:
    • USA National Parks
    • National Geographic
    • Microsoft BING
    • International Parks websites
    • Other free public resources

    What is your Copyright policy?

    We provide copyright details and terms for every protected source.

    Can I use some of your images?

    You may use any photos that is not copyrighted as long as you mention us being the source. We would forward your request to to copyright owners if proctected.
  • Why become a sponsor?

    Sponsors name and links are mentioned on selected categories that every users would see prior to starting a show.

    How to sponsor?

    Click on the "Be a sponsor" link in the footer and send us a message.

    What do sponsors get?

    Sponsors get monthly reports of statistics by geographical locations and users who clicked the sponsor's link.

    Why donate?

    We have a significant overhead expense to stream content to users. We also maintain servers and keep improving our products. We count on generous donations to keep our momentum up. Thank you all for your generosity.
  • Who are we?

    We are a group of programmers with passion of photography and vintage objects. We started the mediAmaze project and put in it all our expertise to maximize the user experience.

    How could I join your team?

    We are keen to have more graphic designers, content editors, programmers, administrators and SEO/merketing experts. Please send us a message if you would like to join our team.

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